Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find your dresses?
Currently my dresses are available through The English Dept. in Portland, Oregon, Lovely in New York City and Los Angeles, and several other boutiques listed on the sidebar of my blog under "STOCKISTS." I also have an Etsy store where some selections from my collection are listed. I also list one of a kind dresses and accessories from time to time. It's possible to order directly from The English Dept. without going through Etsy--just contact the shop and we can help you.

Where can I find prices and ordering information for your current dress collection?
For a complete price list and detailed information about the ordering process, email me. You can also contact any of the boutiques who stock my dresses.

Will you take orders from overseas?
Certainly! My dresses have shipped all over the world. International orders do go through customs, so it's important to consider time in transit, taxes and import duties when placing your order. I recommend contacting your country's customs office for detailed information, since policies vary depending on where you live.

I like your dresses but would like to make some changes. Will you modify your designs?
In general I make my dresses as sampled. My designs have been refined over time, and I usually have good reasons for making them the way I do. Mine is a small operation and I just don't have the luxury of creating each dress as a totally custom piece--especially if I'd like them to remain in reach, cost-wise. A little variation is built into the design of each dress--the options are listed with the dress.

What about a custom dress? Can you design a one-of-a-kind gown for me, even long distance?
At present my dress collection keeps me quite busy, but I do find time occasionally for an extraordinary custom gown. You can search by "custom" on my blog to see examples.

Do you make custom dresses that aren't wedding dresses?
No, sorry.

How do you price custom dresses? 
I price everything based on time and materials, although time contributes the most significantly to cost. A custom dress is one of a kind and is made by me, from scratch, using a custom pattern. For this reason, custom dresses are in a higher price category than my collection dresses. For more information about custom design, contact my shop.

Can you remake anything on your site?
My blog is a record of all my projects--a place to browse, daydream and be inspired! Many of these dresses can't be duplicated because of the nature of the design and/or materials. Wherever you read "one of a kind," it means that the dress truly can only be made once.

I already have my dress, but I'd like you to design a custom dress embellishment or accessory for me. Can you do that?
Unfortunately, I'm unable to take on smaller custom projects. Check my Etsy page for my current accessory listings. If you don't find what you're looking for among my offerings, the larger Etsy community is a great place to find unique details to add to your ensemble.

I saw a dress listed on your Etsy page, but it seems to have disappeared. Will you make another one?
Since all my dresses are made to order, I only list them one at a time. Listings come and go as orders are placed. If you'd like to order a dress from my collection not listed on Etsy, just contact me and I can create a listing for you, or take your order directly.

Why aren't all your dresses listed on Etsy?
Etsy is a great way to find me and be introduced to my work, but the made-to-order dress process usually involves a fair amount of communication back and forth. I like to know a bit about my customers--sizing, deadlines, special requests--before taking an order. Etsy can make the process a bit impulsive! If you have questions about ordering one of my dresses, the quickest route to the answers is to contact me directly.

Thanks so much for your interest in my work!