About Me

I am a Portland, Oregon-based designer specializing in special dresses and wedding gowns. My dresses are made locally, in small quantities, and they often feature unique trims and fabrics and take inspiration from the style of past eras. I love thoughtfully-designed details and one of a kind touches - they are what set a handmade dress apart from something you can buy off the rack.

My first wedding dresses were for friends who were shell-shocked by all those poufy polyester gowns out there. I began designing custom one-of-a-kind dresses in 2000, and have found my passion bringing soft and feminine bridal dresses to life. My one-of-a-kind designs inspired my first collection in 2010. My current collection is available at my boutique and a select group of stockists around the world.

This blog is a visual diary of my process and projects. To learn more about my work, visit this page or my boutique, The English Dept.

Or, send me an email.