Friday, November 11, 2011

Sometimes, you just know.

It's French (of course), ornamented all over with a twining foil embroidery, and it's the most elusively perfect shade of platinum-y ivory, like it leapt out of the 1920s and into my arms. My little head is a-swim with wild ideas. This will make the gauziest, prettiest gown for a very, very special schoolbook-fairy bride. I know you're out there…I just haven't met you yet.


Phaedra Elizabeth said...

That is so stunning! I can't wait to see what you create with that one and the bride that wears it!

Emily said...

I'm in love and can't wait to see what you create out of this material! I'm going to send this post to several potential brides and hope one of them might be the one to wear it!!!

tracy said...

Elizabeth - have you found someone for this fabric yet? i love it. I live in pdx and am marrying in sept at the church around the corner from your store. please let me know!