Thursday, May 12, 2011

A paper bride.

 I've just learned about the work of Jum Nakao.
 The Brazilian artist makes these intricate gowns entirely out of paper.
 At the end of one of his runway shows, his models were instructed to tear up the dresses on their bodies, to remind the audience that fashion is a medium and not an end in itself.
 I've always thought of the wedding dress as a performance, a moment, as much as it can also be a garment for all time. So what about it, ladies? Anyone up for a paper wedding dress?


Megan said...

Wow those dresses are amazing! I would not have the patience for that project in this life time! Great post!

Neal said...

paper as a material for a wedding dress, I would never of thought it. as for the designer being Brazilian i have Japan ticked.