Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Did you get Hitched?

Photo: Erin Hearts Court

My dresses made an appearance in the fashion show at Hitched, a super-cool wedding event at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs last month. The show was styled by the gifted Catherine Sheppard of The Life Styled. She was kind enough to share these photos. I had hot plans to attend personally, when a vicious winter flu knocked me sideways at the last minute--still a bit bitter about the poolside lounging I missed. But what a gorgeous show! Thanks, Catherine.
Keepsake lace gown. Photo: Amelia Lyon  


lizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz said...

omg I need to get engaged so I can get the keepsake gown.

Marina Carvalho said...

O Loved that dress!!! I want!!!
You have a really nice blog!


Tamara Nicole said...


Lita Larkin said...

lovely dresses! x