Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Yellow Dress No. 9

Watching the new BBC production of Emma (so good!) reminded me to pull up this dear find from the files for a Yellow Dress post. It astonishes me that something so ephemeral as this little Regency dress bodice still exists, let alone that it holds its cheerful color. Look at the detail! The piping, the chiffon insets...still sweet and stylish after 200 years. No one'll be saying that about Forever 21.
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Linz said...

my friend and i joke about F21 eyes. when you've been in F21 for about 1 hour, EVERYTHING starts looking either good or bad to you because you now have F21 eyes.

that bodice...gah. i've loved regency and victorian dresses since i was a little girl, and even made paper dresses to wear at home. that bodice is SO beautiful. i absolutely love the details and fabrics of the era. sigh.

Kendall A. said...

Oh heavens--that is so lovely. I love when miles of designers filling the runways of Milan can't even touch something that was around when the Declaration of Independence was signed.

raquel raney said...


anastasia said...

you should check out the website Vintage Textile, i am continually floored by the workmanship, beauty, and details that are in the clothes of yesteryear.