Saturday, November 29, 2008

Silk taffeta ruffle shrug in the etsy shop!

This little number joins the handknit shrug and the organza ruffle jacket in our new English Dept. etsy boutique. Made from 100% silk taffeta, possibly the most luxurious fabric of all time, this is the latest installment in my never-ending quest for proper wraps for weddings.
Click here to see more photos, purchase, or place a custom order.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Something to go over something.

Just wanted to show off this sweet handknit wool shrug by English Dept. lieutenant Clara (I'm the sewer, she's the knitter). Here at the shop, we're surrounded on all sides by wispy, sleeveless dresses. But on a day like today--38ºF and raining--we're craving cozy. This is going into the etsy shop later today. Clara embellished it very sweetly with handsewn seed beads and vintage pearls from our studio stash. Ta da!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Some pretty images from Liz's wedding (courtesy of Erin Grace Photography). Designing the dress was a cross-country affair. Liz was working in New York but planning her Portland wedding for the fall. We met during a visit to Portland to discuss the dress. She chose lace at a New York fabric store and shipped it out to me, and we continued designing at a distance (photos, email, etcetera) until poof--surprise--her fiancé received a job offer in Singapore. Home she came to Portland for the remainder of the summer, so we got to have in-person fittings after all. Planning a wedding and an international move all at once--whew. Silk charmeuse gown with lace bodice, satin sash, and blush satin-covered buttons.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I can only take credit for making the little bolero jacket in this shot, but I had to share this photo from Carrie's wedding with you. Wow! This otherworldly scene was shot in Portland's own Classical Chinese Garden.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

This is the cupcake dress.

I resisted calling it that--"cupcake" can have negative connotations where wedding dresses are concerned. But like all nicknames that stick, it has a ring of truth. This frock is fluffy, frothy, sweet--like a cupcake. Coconut, if you please.
It is--or was--a one of a kind dress. But spring bride Carrie wants one for her wedding up at Mount Hood, and Jordan bought the original for her rehearsal dinner dress. And so the repeat performance.Luckily, I still had all the fabrics. That tassel organza just knocks me out.
Long lost twins!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I was wide awake at 5:30 this morning. Trying to take deep, cleansing breaths...

Mini-mission accomplished...

Finally! With rain pelting the windows, it may not be the best day to wear this sweet dress, but I can't wait to take it out for a spin (layered over sleeves and stockings, + boots + scarf + etc., to be sure). I was inspired by this dress (alas! sold out) and decided to make my own version. Thanks, Jenny!

Fall fabrics...

I've been so busy with brides 'round the English Dept. that I haven't yet had a chance to plunge into my fall fabrics. I'm snapping this photo to inspire and remind me to get cracking! I'm feeling a wistful, Edwardian thing this fall...shades of sepia and old rose, monochrome prints, classic plaids. From top: vintage Pendleton plaid wool, black and gold silk gazar, and two New York finds: rose scallop print cotton, gold dot gauze.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Silk shantung tea length wedding dress with ruffle hem--so dashing and fresh for a sweet, sweet girl. I always jump at the chance to design a short(er) wedding dress, and Holly not only had a vision, she was a dream to work with. These great photos (I love the one below) really capture what a lovely, radiant person she is. Photos by Canlas Photography.