Thursday, December 18, 2008

Double Happiness.

Some wonderful pictures of Chris's wedding from the fall. Dress is satin-faced shantung, empire waist, pleated to accommodate baby belly. I just got word that Chris had her baby boy on Monday!
Loads of lovely ladies in white. It reminds me of a nineteenth century family portrait. Only smile-ier.
I really like this one, for some reason. The ruffle bolero was a last minute inspiration, but I think it made the ensemble, don't you? Congratulations, Chris--all the best to you and your new family. Thanks to Heather Hawksford for generously sharing these images.


Alicia P. said...

Oh, Elizabeth, the dress and the bolero are just so gorgeous. Confectionery. And you know I mean that word as a compliment. :-)

anastasia said...

i love that the skirt has pockets! every skirt should have those; they make life so much easier. your confections of lace and silk are a joy to see. as a chosen spinster, something in soft grey would be lovely. hmm, maybe a thirtieth birthday gown.