Sunday, December 2, 2007


A recent post by Peggy Lo of Figments revived my love for Lilli Ann coats. The '50s were a glorious era for coats--all that volume and pleating, big Bakelite buttons, bell sleeves with deep cuffs, pockets galore for compacts, lipsticks and Buick keys. Lilli Ann was the queen of the swing coat, that ladylike silhouette in miles of mohair or luxurious wool. While I'd love to own this downy apricot darling, my own Lilli Ann is no slouch. No slouchy hoodie, either. This is a coat with class. The mottled weave! The bracelet sleeves! Double-knit insets! There's a matching black double-knit belt, but the buckle gives the whole thing a goth Santa Claus look. Lilli Ann coats are not rare, just underloved. I rescued mine from Buffalo Exchange...the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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